Custom Videos

Hello and welcome to the custom videos page. We have designed this page to give you a hint of what we need to know to help you customize your very own fetish video. First you will need to read the guidelines so you will understand what we can do and what we can't do. Also described below will be the prices. Please be aware that our average shoot lasts from 10 to 15 minutes. If you wish to have something longer than that, be aware that the price may increase significantly.

Here at Wet and Messy Me, we do videos a little differently than most places. We are one of the few places that you could actually give a story to and we can transform that fantasy into reality. Below we will explain why we need to know as much as we can before we start on your video.

Some things we won’t do.

So please do not ask for anything involving.

1. Anything illegal.

2. Sexual acts

3. Nudity.

4. Ruining expensive pair of shoes that you did not purchase.

5. Ruining an expensive dress that you did not purchase.

6. Getting into very deep mud.

7. Anything involving snakes or bugs.

8. Anything taking us far outside the field of abusing high heels

Some things we do.

Videos involving:

1. Getting women's shoes wet, muddy, and messy.

2. Abusing and destroying women's shoes.

3. Wet nylons and feet.

4. Full body wet look.

5. Full body messy

6. Pedal pumping

Pricing and explanations

Here is our pricing works.

If you want a basic video with just one model shot inside the studio, not ruining the clothes or heels, and it is easy cleanup, the starting price is $375.00 for a 10 to 15 minute video.

If you wish to extend the video. The average cost is about $20.00 for each additional minute.

If you wish to shoot outside on location such as, beach, pond, railroad tracks, etc. There is a $50.00 travel charge to get the models and camera equipment there and back.

If you would like an extra model, there will be an extra charge of $150. 00 per model.

If you would like extras like in a restaurant scene, they are paid $85 .00 each. If they are in a bar will probably have to buy them drinks as well. :).

If you would like a video filmed in a restaurant, please find us one close to our location or be prepared to pay about $500.00 for the owners release.

If you would like us to ruin a pair of shoes that we own, that will be fine as long as you replace them with the same exact shoe. This works out great for people who want to see used shoes get destroyed.

Please be aware that if you request a certain attire, you can ask us to purchase it for you or you can purchase it online and send it to us at our post office located here in California.

Please be aware that even though we are making this custom video especially for you, before actually buying anything we need to approve it. There are certain things that we may consider to be inappropriate for our models.

Once the story has been approved and a shoot date has been scheduled you will be invoiced for the entire amount.

Also we have some really good writers out there, and sometimes we might want to market your custom video because it fits our profile. If so we will ask your permission and offer you a discount. If you take the offer, we will give you story credits at the end of the video. Sort of a cool way to get into the movies.  :)

Once the shoot has been completed, please allow one week for editing the video. Upon completion we will e-mail you and send the file to you via a program called Drop Send.

As a bonus please note that all videos come with high-resolution pictures of the shoot.

And finally one last thing. (legal stuff) Even though this is a custom video made just for you, Wet and Messy Me will retain all rights of distribution. If you wish to purchase those rights then you must contact us directly and have written permission from us before attempting to sell your custom video.