Welcome to Wet and Messy Me      Hello, my name is Cammile and I would like to tell you a little about what we do at our site.

 I have been messing up high heel stilettos since we first created Wet and Messy Me in 2005. We started our site with just posting pictures and then grew into videos soon after.   Our style of creating videos focuses on classy and sexy, alluring and exciting.  All of our new Vidisets from 110 up, are shot with the new Sony HD camera and offer a higher quality picture then our previous sets.  

Soaked and Wet Pumps (71 pics)

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In addition to what our members have helped us accomplish for the new year, we are now able to accept Visa.

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New Update:SiteSet 98 4/15/2014

SiteSet 97 04/08/2014

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Outdoor Walk (29 pics)

Kitchen Cleanup

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SiteSet 90

Cammile cleans up her dirty kitchen, wearing a very sexy leather dress and a beautiful and sexy open toe pumps.

M Is For Messy

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Vidiset 189

Cammile gets punished by her boss in this set. He gets to throw messy custard all over her even demand her to pie her face

Double Trouble

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Vidiset 190

Cammile and Jamari each take turn to push their 4 wheel drive expedition and both take turn pedal pumping with their dirty heels

A Wet and Muddy Walk

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SiteSet 91

Cammile takes her worn Jimmy Choo for a wet and muddy walk.

Pedal To The Pump

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Vidiset 191

Cammile gets car trouble as she starts the engine. Looks like she brake failure.

Sexy In Wet Red Pumps

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SiteSet 92

Cammile takes her sexy red Stuart Weitzmen to the beach and run around the sand, while scuffing the paint off her gold.. heels

Muddy Road

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SiteSet 93

Cammile walks on a muddy road with her worn Nine West heels.

M.K heels carwash

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SiteSet 94

Cammile’s new Michael kors heels get scuffed and ruined while washing her car as she steps on the rough sandy dirt.

Bebe Thigh High Boots

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SiteSet 95

Cammile takes a long walk in the woods wearing her sexy thigh high boots.

Messy Sprinkled Loubs

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SiteSet 96

Cammile gets her Loubs messy inside and out with battered cake…