Welcome to Wet and Messy Me      Hello, my name is Cammile and I would like to tell you a little about what we do at our site.

 I have been messing up high heel stilettos since we first created Wet and Messy Me in 2005. We started our site with just posting pictures and then grew into videos soon after.   Our style of creating videos focuses on classy and sexy, alluring and exciting.  All of our new Vidisets from 110 up, are shot with the new Sony HD camera and offer a higher quality picture then our previous sets.  

Stalled Stiletto (58 pics)

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In addition to what our members have helped us accomplish for the new year, we are now able to accept Visa.

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New Update:SiteSet 118 11/07/2014

SiteSet 117 10/30/2014

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Watered Gold (76 pics)

Flame and Fortune

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SiteSet 110

Cammile strolls around the rocky shore wearing her sexy suede MK heels.

Flame and Fortune

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SiteSet 111

A nice warm day to get Cammile’s sexy pink pumps soaked and wet.

Dismantling Proxies

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Vidiset 112

Cammile dismantled her proxie kitten heels.

Muddy Manolo

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SiteSet 113

As Cammile water her plants, she didn’t realize that she was standing on top of mud.

Dee Ess Miu Miu

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Vidiset 198

Cammile accidentally ran over her expensive miu miu when someone had placed them on the road.

Slippery and Sticky

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Vidiset 199

Cammile get her shoes stuck once again. Enjoy this sexy sticky set.

Cooling Off My Heels

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SiteSet 114

It was a nice hot day and Cammile decided to pass by the dock and get her heels cool off in the water.

Stuck with Janes

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Vidiset 200

Cammile get stuck once again in this sexy car stuck set.

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All new updates. I hope to see you there ;)

Stuck with Janes

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SiteSet 115

Cammile get stuck once again in this sexy car stuck set.

Heels on Pumpkin

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SiteSet 116

Cammile stomps on the hard pumpkin after she carved it nicely.