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High Heel Abuse

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Vidiset Archives 181-200

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Casadei Scramble

Cammile finally gets a chance at trying out for a new TV cooking show. All of the sudden the tables leg gives away and eggs wind up going everywhere. Cammile quickly rounds up as many as she can but a few get by her and wind up on her fancy Casadei heels. Cammile desperately struggles to keep the show going by scrambling the rest with her soaked shoes and feet.

A Lesson for The Rich Girl     Oct-12-2012

Cammile plays a little rich girl in a tented gazebo. When Jamari , a middle class woman sits down, Cammile tries to make her unwelcome known by bumping her heels.  Jamari is not the kind of girl to let this spoiled rich lady get away with her little scheme. Jamari gets angry and kicks off Cammile’s expensive Jimmy Choo’s and proceeds to damage them beyond repair, she even pours her cafe’ latte in to her shoes and then makes Cammile put them back on.

Off Road Miu Miu's

Jamari is traveling a back road short cut that Cammile had suggested when she finds it leads her down the hill to a end. As she puts her truck in reverse she soon finds out that she is stuck. Knowing there is only one way out to the canyon and nobody stopping to help, Jamari gets out of her truck and reluctantly puts her very expensive suede Miu Miu's into the soft mud. Cursing Cammile, Jamari moves to the front of the truck to lock the hubs on the 4 wheel drive. She struggles with the hub as her shoes get deeper and deeper into the silt. soon the soft mud starts to run inside her expensive shoes.

Mustang Louboutin's

Cammile is driving through the words. Once she stops to look for directions, she soon realizes that she has lost. She puts the car back into drive and starts to head up the hill. As she presses on the accelerator the cars wheels start to slip. The more she tries to slowly inch the car out of the mud, the more the rear wheels sink into the deep silt. Soon the car has bottomed out in the rear wheels are just freely spinning in the muddy water. Cammile steps out of the car trying carefully not to get her sexy black Louboutin boots dirty, but it is not long before she and her wonderful boots are ankle-deep in mud.

Lost in the Woods

Jamari goes on an off road adventure and finds her self getting stuck in the mud. As she exits the vehicle she carefully steps on the soft ground trying NOT to get her pretty Aldo high heels muddy. She walks around to the back side of the truck and then her luck runs out. Her heels are sinking in to the mud! As she tries to free her truck, her heels are getting ruined, when her foot comes back down she winds up smashing the heel of her shoe. After a bit she heads back to the cab of the truck and tries to go again, but it won't start she pumps and pumps with her muddy high heels but it just won't start

Trashed and Photographed

Here Jamari gets her revenge, as Cammile comes in for her photo shoot and she quickly finds out that her photographer is Jamari. Jamari orders her to take off her high heels and exacts her revenge for the prank call that left Jamari digging her truck out of the mud. Cammile watches as Jamari stomps and inflicts massive damage on her patent Miu Miu’s

After the Dance

Well here it is, first of the new year. Vidiset 187 finds Cammile sitting in a chair, left on the dance floor after a wild night out. As she awakes she finds her self glued to that floor. She notices that someone has ruined her very cute Mary Jane high heels by applying glue to her soles. Needing to get home, Cammile struggles to free her self, twisting and bending her heels to no avail, she soon has to give up and walks of the room out without them.

Riot at Work

We start off with our first cat fight video of the year with Cammile and Jamari. In this set we find Cammile doodling around while at work, the girls at work are getting tired of the bosses pet and Jamari plans to do something about it. Jamari slides over to Cammile's desk and finds out that she is just looking at high heels on the Internet during work hours. Jamari decides that she is going to do something about this in a fight breaks out in the office.

"M" is for Messy

Here Cammile has to endure the wrath of Maxx. It seems that she has been hiding emails requesting messy shoots for her. Maxx lures her into the studio and an unaware Cammile is Sitting right where Maxx wants her. He explains the situation and Cammile does not deny it. As he camera rolls he picks up a Pie and gives it to Cammile telling her to put her beautiful Truth or Dare heels inside and squish it. Next he picks up a surprise pudding cup and tags Cammile in the chest. She screams in disbelief as Maxx explains that this is part of her punishment.

Double Trouble

Cammile and Jamari get their four wheel drive stuck in the woods while trying to save time taking a short cut. Cammile orders Jamari out of the car and has her push so that they may get to their meting on time. Her beautiful DG shoes have to slosh thru mud as Cammile pushes the accelerator to try to get free. Mud splatters Jamari as the spinning wheels of the truck splash her pretty business outfit. Disgusted Jamari asks Cammile to get out of the vehicle to see if her pushing is any better. Jamari pumps the pedals in her black patent, now muddy heels revving it as she splashes Cammile for revenge.

Pedal to the Pump

Cammile walks to her car after a busy day at work. as she opens the door and steps in, she takes time to straighten her hair leaving the car door open. She calmly turns the key and the car starts to crank. But something is wrong. The car wont turn over! Cammile starts to plead with the vehicle as she pumps the accelerator pedal in hopes the it will get the car going. Now she is becoming angry at the car and starts stomping the pedal with her Gianmarco Lorenzi 4 inch pumps. All she wants to do is get home and this silly car won't start! She finally gives up, melting the starter on her car, and walks off in disgust.

Gucci in Glue

Cammile has to do some organizing in the studio. It seems that someone has not cleaned up their mess. As Cammile starts to get thing in order, she pulls the ladder over to get on top of the backdrops and starts to climb. she reaches the top and gets to arranging, as she tries to move she notices that both of her Gucci shoes are totally stuck on the top rung. It seems someone had just stuck glue on the entire top step! She spends the next few minutes struggling, trying to balance on the ladder, and freeing her feet from the sticky mess.

Mower Please

Here we find Jamari leaving for a business appointment. she notices that the Gardner has left her rather expensive mower at the the top of the hill. When she walks up to retrieve it she finds out it won't travel through the mud and she soon gets stuck. The more she tries, the deeper the mower gets stuck. soon it is throwing mud everywhere and gets her pretty leather rap dress and her suede heels all muddy.

Roll Over

Cammile drives into the parking lot and finds Nakita's heels sitting in the middle of the road. Curious Cammile gets out to see why. but instead of saving the heels by returning them, she decides To get a little revenge and runs over them with her SUV. Cammile enjoys the sweet sound of the cracking and tearing of the leather as she turns the wheel left to right. Check out the total destruction of these beautiful gray work heels by Cammile.

Surprised in the Woods

Cammile is out in the woods collecting acorns for some decorations. she soon stumbles across scorpion and freaks out! She immediately takes action and tries to eradicate our little friend. Lucky for him he escapes back in to the woods, but lucky for us, Cammile is unaware of that. Our little friend sits at a safe distance watching Cammile splash about in the mud trying to find him. Unaware she does a great job making a mess of her white high heels and dress.

 Clearly Filthy   

Cammile's boss sends her on yet another impossible assignment. She must to take the company truck to get a couple of problems fixed on it. The only problem is the truck is extremely filthy and nobody told Cammile. Dressed in a sexy black outfit Cammile is forced to watch the truck as it is virtually impossible to see through the windows. As she does her poor suede Michael Kors high heels get totally trashed by the water and mud.

Flame and Fortune

Cammile is out disposing of garbage when she see her scratched up Miss Me heels sitting next to the ahead. Looking to be a little mischievous, Cammile decides to get some fuel and a lighter and have some fun with the heels. Soon the feeling overcomes her and she ignites the heels. They start to wilt, straps first, then the side of where the ball of her feet went, probably due to the thin leather from wear. Before you know it the heels give way as Cammile plays with them, her Jimmy Choo's are a little worse for wear. the toes and bottoms have been scorched by the roaring fire.

Dee Ess Miu MIu

This is the final farewell to the wonderful at another purple Miu Miu shoes. Finally it seems that someone has taken Cammile's high heels and put them along the road of a path she travels in the company truck. There is no escape for these little beauties as Cammile accidentally runs one of them half way over. Cammile do tries to save the poor high heel by pulling it from the tire, but to no avail. She gets back into the truck and thinks she is going in reverse but instead goes forward and crushes it. Devastated she spots the other heel and decides to have fun instead.

Slippery and Sticky

Cammile is walking around the back of the business when she spots a mess left by the painters. She notices that they had spilled some paint, but next to it was some strange sticky substance. As her curiosity gets the best of her she starts stepping in it to find out what exactly it is. She is in the goo for only a short amount of time when it starts to get even stickier and she escapes just before she simply can't move anymore.

Stuck with Jane’s

Cammile Sweet happens to be driving through a back road in the woods. She didn't notice the construction that was going on. Cammile gets her car stuck in the mud. Unfortunately her Michael Kors high heels don't fare as well as she is in the mud and it is flying everywhere.  Cammile desperately stomps on the gas trying to get her car free. It is only after ruining her high heels and nylons she realizes the best hope is to call for help.