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High Heel Abuse

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Vidiset Archives 161-180

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Put it in Reverse

Cammile drives up a long narrow driveway on her way up to her friends party when she sees the car of an old boyfriend. This is someone who she really wants to avoid. She looks for a place to turn around, but before she can do that he spots her. She knows now the only way to get out of there is to back down. She puts the car in reverse and takes off slamming the pedal to the floor. She heads down the hill as fast as she can in reverse. With the engine screaming you see Cammile squishing the pedal to the floor and working the brake trying to navagate the long driveway.

Help for a Change

It looks like Nikita isn’t much of a mechanic. Our little city girl has no idea what she is doing, but she is there because her dad wants to teach her about values. Next enters Jamari, the new girl that dad has assigned to watch over his little brat. She is in for a real treat. It seems that Nikita is still bent up about Nick and when she sees an opportunity to get back at Jamari she takes it. Because of Nikita ,Jamari is now stuck under the vehicle and what happens to her next will involve an oil change that Jamari will never forget.

Dog Gone

Jamari gets yet another wild request from her rude co-worker Nikita. She asks her to take her dog for a walk. After a short time, the dog decides to take a shortcut through some brush and Jamari winds up next to a railroad track. Unfortunately for Jamari, the dog escapes, Jamari spends a lot of time looking for it. In the meantime, her beautiful tan high heel ankle strap shoes are taking a beating on the sharp rocks. The sole starts to pull away a bit in the outer corner of her shoe and starts to rip. By the time for Jamari is done, her shoes are entirely ruined. She decides to abandon the search and head home.


Jamari is in for a very big surprise, because it seems like Nikita has a really bad chip on her shoulder. First Nikita has Jamari wondering why the security system is turned off, and then when she is not looking, Jamari gets knocked out, tied up and gagged by her evil co-worker Nikita. Then our angry Nikita takes some very smelly brown goop and makes a total mess out of her including her fine Guess. heels.

Lost Love

Nikita is having a bad day, seems that her wonderful boyfriend has been cheating on her. Not that it is the best idea, Nikita decides to get drunk and as she is finishing up her bottle the doorbell rings. It seems somebody has accidentally delivered someone's new girlfriends shoes to the wrong place. That was a very expensive mistake.

Nikita's Mistake

When drunk Nikita destroys a new pair of high heels, she had no idea that they actually belonged to office manager Cammile. As a bit of payback Cammile takes the last pair of BCBG high heels that Nick (her lost boyfriend) ever bought her and takes them through a rocky muddy slew.

Jamari's Turn

Jamari has set out to get revenge on Nikita. She has seen what Cammile has done to Nikita's fine pair of high heels, and intends to do the same. She finds her way back to the same swamp, but tends to think that Cammile took it kind it easy on Nikita's last pair. Jamari starts off on the bank, and slowly makes her way towards the water. she wonders if she'll be able to make it down to the water with all the mud that is between her and the water. The more she walks, the more Nikita's sexy heels start to sink into the mud. When Jamari starts to sink up next to her knees in mud, she fears she won’t get back.

By Order of Nikita

In this clip, Nikita Lane pulls out all the stops to get back at her rival Jamari Rivera. Unable to touch Jamari, Nikita blackmails Cammile into doing her dirty work for her. After a short introduction to Cammile walks into the room carrying a bowl of black smelly goo, and then at Nikita’s command, she starts smearing it all over her high heels and onto her legs. Jamari can do nothing but sit there and watch her friend do Nikita's dirty work. The final insult comes when Nikita walks back into the room, unsatisfied with the work that Cammile is doing Nikita takes the bowl of goo and pours it over the top of Jamari's head!


Walking on my way to work , i noticed that my new Dolce Gabana heels were too tight and were hurting my feet. Knowing that I could not wear these all day, and it was too late to go back and get another pair of shoes, I decided to take them into the lake and hope the water would stretch them out.  As the water filled my heels, I felt a sense of relief as my tired feet instantly cooled off. I also felt the leather get much softer as I walked along the bank of clear water.

Muddy Mary Jane’s

In this clip Cammile is sent out by her boyfriend to recover a fishing tackle box full of fishing lures. She is dressed in an extremely short purple sweater dress, DNKY designer tights, and BCBG Paris black oxford Mary Jane high heels. She starts out walking as the trail is just some crispy remnants of mud, but proceeds on to where it starts oozing over the toes of her shoes. At one point the water and mud seeps into her shoes and she decides this is enough. She promptly walks back to her car and tells her boyfriend to forget about his prize.

Too Hot to Handle

In this Vidiset, Camille finds herself stranded by her boyfriend, who after they got into an argument, was asked to leave the truck. The scene starts out seeing Camille walking along a rocky dirt road in 4 1/2 inch Colin Stuart high heels. Her feet sweating and tired, Camille decides to get a break by soaking her feet and shoes in the nearby lake.

Missing in Mud

Cammile is invited to a campfire party with some of her friends. But, when she finds out she's taken the wrong trail, Cammile struggles to find her way back. Her adventure takes her through tall weeds, ankle deep mud, and cold water. She is wearing her party attire, the short purple sweater dress, pantyhose, and high heeled Louboutin boots.

Ahhh Choo’s

Cammile decides to help out her friend by washing her old truck. She is wearing her chiffon blouse, mini skirt, panty hose and her office jimmy Choo heels. As she cleans the truck her shoes start to get wet... very wet, and her expensive shoes start to get stained. But Cammile has a solution for that...Get them entirely soaked.....

Over the Edge

Here is a short shoot we did on the fly. It was meant to be a sticky set but our sticky stuff wasn't sticking at all that day, :) So instead we decided to take our Colin Stuart's down the hill and added a story to it. They wound up taking a little abuse from digging them into the sand, not to mention bending the heel a bit and almost breaking it.

Trapped in Goo

Cammile comes back out to do some garage cleanup. She accidentally steps into a super sticky, yet oily substance leaking from a container near by on the floor. She tries for several minutes to free her self but all of her panting and moaning doesn't help as she pulls and pulls on her Via Spiaga heels. She finally must give up and take the straps off of her heel and walks away from one of  her pretty pink heels.

Muddy Heels Cleanup

Jamari seems to have been sent on an odd errand, seems that some one has thrown a pair of her high heels in the mud. Her boss wants those to to be picked up without question because he doesn't need garbage hanging around his business. An angry Jamari reluctantly goes out to the back of the business and winds up messing up her nice Baby Phat heels in the process.

Sole Purpose

As Jamari drives into work she parks her SUV and gets out of the vehicle. As she looks down she has just found out that she has just stepped into a puddle of very sticky mess. Because she is wearing double strapped Mary Jane heels, she has to fight to free her feet. Enjoy as she struggles for over 10 minutes to free herself from the clutches of goo, and eventually you must leave her shiny black Mary Jane's behind.

A Train to Nowhere

Camille finds herself regaining consciousness sitting on the notorious railroad tracks. She awakes dressed in a purple sweater mini dress, tan pantyhose, and beautifully expensive Miu Miu stilettos. As she raises her hands to try to rub her head she finds out that she has been tethered to the steel of the rails. Moderately panicking, Camille spends the next 17 minutes pulling and tugging on the ropes that bind her. As she swings and pulls with the rope, she is totally unaware that she is destroying the high end lacquered finish of her extremely beautiful shoes. At one point, her heel gives out and snaps off!

Tacky Employees

In this set I'm having one of those really bad work days, it seems like every employee is out to get me. First the call on my all of my reports were wrong, and second, they have blown my entire budget for the year in only two months. I just needed to get away, maybe picking the bathroom wasn't the best place to do it, but it was quiet, and unfortunately for me it was also booby-trapped. They know I went in there when I wanted to get away, so putting glue on the floor was probably the final straw for the day.

Can't Turn it Off

Jamari is outback relaxing when all of the sudden she hears the sprinkler in the back turn on. Looking around, she sees no one and walks over to the faucet to turn it off. It seems that somebody at this time has taken super glue and put it on the faucet, Jamari cannot release her hand from the faucet as the sprinklers grow near, it starts to soak her brown Aldo shoes and her nice knit dress.