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High Heel Abuse

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Lea’s Revenge

Pumping Pushing Prada's

Lea’s Loubs get trashed

Leather and Iron

Sinking Suede

Punished Purple

Lea’s Loubs Revenge


High Heel Rescue

Catfight Delight

Sexy Gardener

Déjà Vu 2

Spackling Disaster

Introducing Jamari

A Road Once Traveled

Off Road Mess

Relaxed Slings

Cammile enjoys the end of her day as she sits on the edge of her tub to fill it with water. Cammile dips her hands slowly into the water several times to slowly with her nylons and her black suede high-heeled slings. Taking things one step further, Cammile swings to her right and slowly puts her high-heeled slings into the warm water. Shortly thereafter, Cammile enters the entire job to get fully soaked. Enjoy this relaxed sexy wet adventure as Cammile slips into slumber at the end of the set.

Heel Hill

Jakie's Revenge

Bosses Brat

Cammile is told to go to her boss's house to drop off some boxes. When she gets there, she notices that the place is a mess. She goes right to work cleaning up the boxes and re-stacking what happens to be laying on the floor. She travels back and forth in her sexy Dolche Gabana slings gathering the boxes and putting them away. Little does she know that sneaking up behind her and is Jakie. Back for revenge Jakie smears sticky stuff on Cammile's ladder while she is up on the top rung. When Camille starts on her way down, she hears a squish and suddenly she is stuck. Jackie walks up behind her laughing and says, how do you like it now? As Jackie starts to walk away Cammile tries to warn her about a about a sticky board that she had to step over her just as she was coming in. But it was too late. Jakie had fallen into the same snare as Camille had done. Between the two girls they call a truce, After Cammile frees herself she goes over to help Jackie gets unstuck. But suddenly there is a car that arrives. Fearing it is the boss that may have set them up Cammile panics and runs out the door, leaving Jackie to try to free herself.
Say hello to the bosses daughter. Sitting at her bake sale trying to sell overpriced cupcakes, Nikita is going nowhere. Knowing this, her dad sends one of the secretary's (Jamari) to help out. Jamari shows up ready to help but finds trouble as Nikita finds out that she is now dating her ex-boyfriend. Nikita starts to give Jamari a hard time and asks her about her wardrobe. She questions what kind of shoes she is wearing and asks t o see them. When Jamari refuses Nikita threatens to have her fired. Jamari moves her foot close to Nikita to show her the new Aldo's that she has recently purchased. Quickly and without warning Nikita rips the shoe from Jamari's foot and starts to examine it. "nice shoes " she says and throws it into the pudding atop the table. Jamari can't believe her eyes and watches helplessly as Nikita fills the shoe with pudding. "this looks nice, try it on" says Nikita. Jamari refuses and once again Nikita threatens to have fired. See what happens next as Jamari and her shoes are put through sweet humiliation.
Jamari is heading home from the airport when her car dies on the road. She walks out and inspects a car trying to find what could be making the unusual noise. Jamari grabs her suitcase out of the trunk knowing that her car isn't going to make it home. She sets out in a gray business dress and gray crocodile print high heels. She starts her uphill climb dragging her very heavy suitcase behind her as she walks up the hill. These steep climb is putting a lot of pressure on her stiletto heels as she struggles to pull her baggage behind her. Halfway home, she hears a loud crunch and her stiletto heel finally gives way to the punishment they been put through, Jamari almost stumbles to the ground. Jamari knows that there is no way she is going to walk on the extremely hot pavement in her bare feet. So she keeps on walking with one broken heel. She walks along a little further and finds out that this limping is starting to hurt her ankle. She makes a decision to even out the score. Jamari takes her other shoe and leans on it with all of her might, bending and twisting the heel. After a few seconds there is a crack and a crunch and her other heel snaps away from her shoe. Finally Jamari sets out once more for home wearing two broken heels
In this set Jamari uses the company vehicle to map out a field for the company. While she is out driving, she accidentally hits a water pipe. She gets out of the truck dressed in a nice tube top dress and Charles David heels. When she surveys the damage she has done, she tries to fix the problem herself. She tries to re-attach the pipe, and in the process gets her sexy Charles David shoes totaly muddy. After a while she figures out there is nothing she can do and gets in her vehicle to go back to the office. Peering down at her once sexy Charles David heels. She reaches up and turns the ignition switch on the SUV. She steps on the brake and shifts the truck into reverse. She slides her foot over to the gas pedal accelerating hard and finds out that the truck isn't going anywhere. So for the next three minutes she keeps on shifting the truck in to drive and then into reverse. While she is working her now extremely muddy Charles David shoes back and forth between the gas pedal and brake. Once more she has to figure that this isn't gonna work and steps out of the vehicle. She slams the door and walks off knowing that there's no way that she's driving home.
Jamari is sent out on a mission from an unnamed source at the office. She was told to meet a worker from the city at a certain location and was given a paper to follow the directions. What happens next was a extremely muddy mess. The letter didn't mention anything specific about where she was supposed to meet the person so that kept her wandering for quite a while. She soon ran out of paved paths to walk on and found herself walking through some rocky dirt roads. And when the drive paths ran out, she found herself walking into some shallow mud. Still needing to keep this important appointment, her pretty white high heels had to trek through some extremely deep mud. Her white heels scraped and torn buy the rocks under the deep mud, she finally found a place to rinse them off. She was still upset that she never found the person and was a little bit is suspicious about the anonymous note.
We would love to take the time to introduce to you a very sexy and talented young lady. Jamari has signed on with Wet and Messy Me adding some lively and wonderfully different perspectives to the team. In her first video "Introducing Jamari" she plays a woman who is looking for a job. Her perspective boss "Cammile" drives up and gets out of her car. When Jamari walks over to ask her for some work. Cammile is quick to scope her out and give her the ultimate test. Cammile asks Jamari if she would like to wash the company truck? Jamari doesn't really know what to say, but she needs the job. Jamari knows that there is no way that she can get back home in time to change her clothes for this kind of work. After all, Cammile is offering the job but needs it done immediately. Jamari has to wash the truck in her brand-new Guess black patent leather heels. That first Jamari is very careful not to get her brand-new guess heels wet, but after about 15 minutes of soaping, washing, and rinsing, her extremely pretty dress and nylons get totally soaked and so do her shoes. When Cammile returns, she is very happy to see that Jamari did such a fine job. Cammile even comments on how good her high heels look wet. Our new employee thinks that is a little bit odd but takes the compliment and her new job.
Cammile shows up to help with the new office a bit too early. In matter of fact, she shows up two months early, the office isn't even finished yet. But when offers to help anyway the drywall man gets smart with their, Cammile becomes instantly mad and takes matters into her own hands. She yanks the putty knife away from the worker and starts to do the job that he was doing. Moving at too fast a pace she doesn't know that she had dropped a big glob of the spackle on the floor. Soon after, as she's moving back and forth her sexy for a half inch heels get slimed by the gooey white substance. After seeing it on her shoe, she just gives up and decides to have some fun anyway.
Well, it looks like Jakie is stuck in the store room again. This time she's going to be much more cautious about stepping on that ladder. Because the last time she did, she got stuck there for quite a while. Unfortunately for Jakie this day wasn't going to be much different. So while she was looking up above, down below somebody had snuck in to the storeroom behind her. In their hand was some extremely sticky substance that they plan to use in a very malicious way. As Jackie was on the top rung, our mysterious person started to apply the sticky substance to the lower stair. But when Jackie wouldn't move, our culprit started to smear the substance directly onto her black patent high heels. This worked very well because Jackie was very busy moving those boxes around and her shoes were sliding left right and sometimes she was up on her toes giving our mysterious person a very easy way to get the glue under her shoes. By the time Jackie turns around it is too late and once again she spends several minutes pulling, prying, bending, and struggling to become unstuck once more. Jackie can't wait to find this wretched little creep who has done this to her more than once.
Here is a very sexy video I did, simple but to the point. Is wearing a very nice stretch off the shoulder dress with a pair of platform sandals. I pick up a broom and start doing cleaning, just like any other good Gardner would do. Except I think I look better than most gardeners. :-) We decided to make this video in slow motion so you can see the water as I’m watering, run slowly down my stockings onto and then dripping off of my sandals. The slow-motion sweep scenes are also pretty nice as well. I love this dress, it shows some great legs.
It is funny we live so far apart but share a great love for high heels. Alexis and I decide to go out, when by mistake I get us lost. We have no idea where we are and were not any closer to the theater. We are going to miss the show because of me. Angry Alexis steps out of the vehicle and quickly walks over to my side of the car to let me know how she feels. She was so angry she had no idea she was walking straight over some slushy sand and her beautiful snakeskin high heels got soaked.” Look what you’ve done to my shoes” cried Alexis! “Better your shoes than mine” I said. “Well I can fix that” says Alexis and she drags me out of the car and my wonderful stilettos get filled with wet slushy sand. From there we wrestle as Alexis stomps my black heels deep into the sand while scratching and tearing the leather on them. At one point I tried a fight her off and she falls backwards and into the wet slush and ruins her clothes. She reaches up and pulls me down into it and starts ripping my stockings! I decide to return the favor and rip her stockings as well! Soon after several minutes of wrestling and fighting we both get tired and decide to call a truce. We make up with a small kiss and walk back to the vehicle to hopefully find our destination.
I’m getting ready to leave work at the end of a long day when I get a mysterious phone call from somebody who claims to have buried a pair of my satin high heels. The mysterious person leads me outside to where there is a shovel standing next to a small pile of muddy dirt. Very curious I start digging in my miniskirt and black Christian Louboutin boots. As I dig more the whole starts to fill up with water from a spring. Finally after about 10 minutes of digging and sloshing around my poor Christian Louboutin boots are totally caked in mud. This is when I finally found my beautiful Nina high heels buried and ruined. Who would do such a thing? I guess it’s up to me to find out.
Well it is one of those wet days again! It is pouring outside and I come in from the car trying to get a couple of boxes down from the shelf. My Via Spiaga heels are totally soaked at this point. As I move around and reach high for the boxes you can hear the water in my shoes squishing between my toes. As I stand up on my tippy toes, and the leather on the shoes is extremely soaked, the heels on my feet pop out of the shoes quite often. As I come down and try to balance the boxes I accidentally step on the back of my heels crushing the not so rigid leather that used to be at the back of the shoe. After I was done needing to do what I did, I looked down at the shoes which were dull and bent out of shape. Maybe they will make a good pair of slippers.
It is time for the annual office meeting, today me and Lea will both be pitching our ideas to the large boss. I am dressed in a nice office suit and wearing Christian Louboutin satin sling backs. Lea is dressed in a wonderful red blouse sand tight stretch skirt, wearing beautiful red snakeskin stilettos. As we both pitch their ideas, it is clear that Lea has obviously done much more work and has impressed the boss. But the boss wants a little more. He wants both of the us to do a little more work at the table, and as he gets up and leaves, we stare at each other and not in such a nice way. Suddenly Lea bends down and picks up the pair of Christian Louboutin heels that I had run through the swamp. There scuffed, scratched, and caked in mud. Still staring at me Lea bends down and puts the extremely messy stilettos on her feet. I look in question, as why she did this. The next thing I know Leah is kicking my shoes lightly under the table. The final kick actually knocks my high heel off of my feet and onto the ground below. Before I can rescue her shoe Lea reaches with her foot and takes it over to her side of the table. There she starts stomping and doing damage to my fine slingbacks. Dragging it back and forth on the rough concrete it is scratching up the beautiful satin. Soon Leah picks up my shoe and fills it with the pudding she ordered from the waiter. She then puts it back on the ground and stomps on it once again. Just then the boss returns and I am forced to put on the tortured and extremely sticky heel. What a day for revenge.
In this set I send our poor new little office girl Jakie to meet up with a contractor. Now my coordinates might be wrong because I think poor little Jakie got stuck walking around in muddy circles trying to find her contact. It would’ve been okay if she was in combat boots but unfortunately she was in a beautiful set of purple suede 4 inch stilettos. The more Jakie walked around the more her poor stilettos got ruined! After a while she started feeling the water and mud seeping in to her feet. Some of the mud got thick enough to wear her feet almost came out of her shoes. She struggled to keep him on but as the water filled up the toe area of the shoes, it started to stretch out the fragile leather, and then made it very difficult to keep the doomed stilettos on her feet. Needless to say she was very angry with me!
It’s a bad thing when your enemy happens to intercept a pair of heels which has been mailed to you. Lea’s rivalry continues when she gets a hold of a beautiful pair of tan suede sling backs meant for Cammile. She signs for the package and then takes time off of work to go to a nearby walking trail for a little exercise. She first takes Cammile’s along the dry path scuffing up the bottoms of the souls. Next she makes a turn into the swampy muddy water in where she wreaks havoc on the poor sling backs. She purposely pushes him down into the mud, sloshing back and forth, bending and twisting the fragile heels, and scuffing up the toes. These heels will never be the same. And as the final touch Leah puts him back inside the box and delivers them to Cammile’s desk.
Here are a pair of my very well-worn Carlos Santana boots. At one point I was just thinking about throwing them away. Instead I decided to take them on one last photo shoot. So I took them out to the railroad tracks and tried to give them as much abuse as I could think of. First I started digging the heels of the shoes into the rocks. Next I started kicking and gouging the sides of my boots along the rusty sharp edges of the pins holding the tracks down. To finish them off the best I could I just stood back and started kicking the rocks as hard as I could. It was a fantastic sendoff to a pair of boots that had been good to me for so long.
I am about to teach someone a very expensive lesson. If show up at my work, grab me, and ruin a very nice pair of heels, revenge will be a word you know all too well. Leah is about to find that out as I have snatched her very expensive Louboutins and plan on taking them on a nature walk. First I start off simple with something in some light mud. Then I move on to something a little more advanced, sinking her heels deeper and deeper into the Rocky mud. After walking a bit further I find a deeper area of mud and just sit there and squish her heels left and right in to the mud. I make sure to get some inside as well, making sure to get the fine leather inside of the shoe just as dirty as the poor now scuffed up patent leather on the outside. Now that I am done, I walked back to the office and place her poor Christian Louboutin heels back into her locker, and let the stinky swamp mud stick to her once shiny heels.
Well it looks like I’m in trouble again, I need to get to work pretty soon and the battery in my Honda is dead. If I can just get my older car started I could still make it to work in time. But as I jump in that car I find out that the engine won’t start. I keep turning the key and pumping the gas with my two inch high heel Prada shoes. I actually pump so hard at one point that my shoe kept falling off. Now desperate for time I figure if I could just get it rolling down the hill I can get the engine going and still make my meeting. I come around to the front of the car to find out that the wheels are buried in mud. That is not going to stop me! I have got to get to this meeting! So I push and push ignoring the mud that is starting to sink into my expensive little heels. I try forwards, I try backward and no matter which way, or what I do my little gray car just won’t make it.
In this set Lea is seeking revenge for being zapped out to a remote place which ruins her very expensive black snakeskin high heels. Lea is very determined to make Cammile pay for what she has done. Lea calmly waits in Cammile’s garage, waiting for her to get home. When Cammile enters the garage she is very surprised to see that Leah is approaching the car and obviously upset. When Cammile gets out she asked what is wrong and Lea promptly answers her by grabbing her and pushing her up against the car. There she starts yelling at her and decides to start dismantling Cammile’s heels with what is left of hers. Scratching tearing and poking holes in Camille’s nice BCBG winds up making Lea a much happier person in the end.