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High Heel Abuse

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SiteSet 100  May/04/2014
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So I go to the studio to get some pictures taken.  Next thing I know I hear the click of heals and who turns the corner and is my photographer?  You're right it's Jamari!  And she still mad about me trashing her Miu Miu's at the area where she got her truck stuck.  After a few clicks I notice she is focusing on my shoes.  The next thing I know she's pulling out a bat, telling me to take off my shoes, and then stomps and tears them.  Talk about holding a grudge.

Time to do a little survey and around the property.  I have to check out what the Gardner has been doing in the backyard.  Maybe I should have dressed in something more suitable before I did this because it really beat up my Guess office shoes.

 Jamari decides to model her new silver high heels.  After a little modeling in the hot sun she decides to cool off a bit by taking her sexy high heels over to the cool wash bucket.  There she slowly and purposely soaks her brand new shoes.  She has a great time letting the water run down herself the black pantyhose in to her nice shiny high heels.

Poor Jamari, it seems that somebody in the office has mis-scheduled the survey team and they will be available until next month.  Well that leaves somebody's boss a little upset. So he sends Jamari out to find the magnetic markers herself.  She walks out to the site and slips and slides in the extremely slippery mud.  By the end of her survey her heels are totally trashed!  But she's not done yet.

The fun is not over for four Jamari, soaking wet she still has to get all the way back to the company car.  Whatever is in this mud is starting to sting and it's making her feel uncomfortable.  She has to find somewhere to wash it off.  As she travels away down the railroad tracks, shredding her shoes, she comes across a puddle with some clear water in it.  She proceeds to get in the water washing off her shoes, nylons and what is left of her high heels.  Job well done.

As Jamari is out wandering around she comes across several pairs of shoes that are stuck inside of an old trailer.  Being a little bored and dressed in a skintight outfit with black nylons she takes her office stilettos and decides to have a little bit of fun with her heels and the mud.  By the time she is done having fun everything is trashed.

There I was just minding my own business and walking around a lot.  I came across some heels that I had discarded a long time ago because Lea ruined them for me.  That reminded me how much I was trying to get away from her while she was poking holes in them and I figured, what the hell I might as well finish the job with my sexy 9 West boots

I just bought these pair of Report high heels from Macy's.  I think every high heel needs to be tested to find out how much delight and use it can take without being scratched.  Check out these nice pictures as you see me put them through the test.

Christmas time has arrived and where are the two sexiest elves happen to be at?  Well decorating the Christmas tree of course.  But as always there seems to be some small disagreement with we're certain ornaments should go.  Naturally for our girls that will lead to a little water fight.

Well now we hear is an outfit that I really liked.  This little and jeans and cropped shirt number really went well with my jimmy Choo high heels.  So for a while I worked around the house and then headed out to the park where I walked around in the sand and leaves and enjoyed the sunshine.

And when you know when I bought these Alfini's I tried them on in the store and thought at a five was a little bit big.  So when I ordered them it was to my surprise that the 4.5's were a little small.  But still you gotta love them.  The weather is so soft, but if they are too tight there too tight!  Soul while cleaning the kitchen they decided to see if I can loosen them up a bit.

What a great way to spend time on a sunny day.  For me it's throwing on a great sweater, putting on a fantastic leather skirt, and sporting a great pair of Jimmy Choo heels.  Then go sit down by the boat loading ramp and have fun with the water.  I had a great time putting these Jimmy Choo's to the test.

Do you want to make a great statesman at the beach?  And all you have to do is what I did here!  Simply put on a smoking hot red knit dress and lightly shaded thigh high stockings, and top all of that off with a pair of Stewart Wiseman heels.  That's what I call a great day at the beach.

There I was driving along and as I looked down at my feet I ask myself, I don't think I've ever christened this pair of nine west high heels?  Amazingly enough it had rained that they earlier and I got to pull over to the side of the road in joy and wonderful evening in the mud.

Here I am an today looks like read a for another car wash but, this time will be wearing something a little bit sexier when it comes to the pants department.  I think I will mother of my outfit with these fancy pair of leather pants and and fancy pair of Michael Kors high heels.  And maybe I shouldn't have parked my car in that dir before I started doing this......

Now here are a nice set of groups that make me 7 inches taller.  And believe me at my height I need that. :) But in this set I think I really needed to find out if they would make good hiking boots as well.  Come along with me and find out.

Ahhh Christian Louboutins, the holy grail of high heeled shoes four women, or men.....  The event to me to find out what might really ruin these babies.  I have tried water, mud, and now I'm going to give it the ultimate custard test.  So for all of my messy fans, enjoy this set.

Beautiful Carmel California, a lovely place to stroll and to shop.  Now you know me, I'm love attention, and what better way to attracted by wearing a home wearing pink dress along with one of my favorite style of heels....  Jimmy Choo!  Now you know me, and I would have to do a sole test to find out how these heels would do walking over a few rocks.  So check me out in this abandon car lot.

Now what in heaven's sake is this?  Does my car have an oil leak?  Well since there is nobody else here to help me I think all scrub this off all by myself.  Lucky for you I didn't feel like changing out of my office attire.  So enjoyed these wonderfully sudsy pictures of me and possibly my favorite pair of shoes...  My blue Miu Miu's.

When it comes to sexy sometimes torture is the name of the game.  Point blank, sometimes I just have a ball tearing an old pair shoes, before they have to go to the trash.  I’m not without a heart though....  The execution was performed with and extremely hot pair of Jimmy Choo's.

Now each time we get to a milestone...  In this case SiteSet 100, I am compelled to do something a little bit wilder than what might be considered normal for my site.  Now something tells me that you're gonna have are really tough time trying to concentrate on my wonderfully hot black high heels.  But that's only my opinion on it............... :)