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High Heel Abuse

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Cammile decides to do the job herself, an going project in her yard, wearing her sexy office clothes and her sexy Spanish Leather 3 inch heels. She walks over sharp rocks holding a shovel and ready to work. She didn't seem to care what happened to her sexy heels as they were getting scratched and scuffed by the sharp rocks.  

Cammile takes her Michael Antonio high heels for a muddy walk. Since she never really liked these heels, Cammile decided to take them through a sticky puddle of mud. She stomped her shoes deep into the pool of silt and even was jumping in them afterwards.

How is a sexy girl to wash her car? Well let’s leave to Cammile, here she dresses in a very sexy leopard outfit and a high end beautiful ankle strap heels made by Casadei. What a nice combination right?

How about a challenge between two beautiful and expensive high heels? Well in this set Cammile decided to get rid of her worn, satin, beautiful Casadei evening heels. She uses her brand new BCBG open toe with spiked metal heels to scratch and tear at the satin on her sexy Casadei’s, when she is through these shoes will be ready for further punishment.

Cammile gives her dog a wash wearing a nice mini skirt and a sexy Guess patent high heels. Maxx is her dog and he is starting to gain quite a personality. Cammile notices the odor as soon as she arrives home. She does not even bother to change out of her attire and winds up soaking her nylons and heels.

On Cammile’s day off, she decided to work on her yard. Wanting to get rid of her BCBG patent  high heels, she decides to give them a little extra wear before throwing them out. She goes back and forth shoveling rocks and putting them on the wheel burrow. As you can see, she did a great job Scratching them up and tearing her heels.

In this set, the abuse of her gorgeous evening Casadei heels continues. This time she takes a very sharp axe to them, literally chopping them into bits. Cammile wears her sexy tan Zara pumps while performing this devastating destruction.

Cammile strolls on a nice sunny day wearing her office clothes and her sexy Spanish Leather soft kid skin slingbacks.  There she strolls further until there is a soft muddy trail. She walks along getting her feet and high heels all muddy.

Brand new Marc Fisher heels get abused by high pressure water. See the result after.

Jamari stopped by her favorite beach after she got off from work. Wearing her office attire and her sexy blue Michael Antonio heels. There she plays in the sand, strolling and enjoying the cold water as it pores into  her heels.  

Cammile was feeling like a kid again, visiting the kids playground, and wearing her brand new open toe Madonna high heels. There she plays like she was 5 years old again only this time a little bit taller.  :)

Poor Cammile did not notice that there was some sticky goo spilled on the road. As she drives up with her SUV, she gets out of her car, she goes straight to unload her groceries and did not notice that she had stepped onto  a very sticky goo mess. She had a hard time getting her shoes unstuck and getting out of her very sticky mess.  

Jamari’s beach adventure continues in this set, only this time she gets herself totally soaked and wet all over. If you are a wet look fan, you will love this set :)

Cammile visits the wharf, and there she spends her time strolling on the soft sand, climbing on rocks, wearing her red Michael heels. There she walks in the shallow water playing and splashing as people look on…

Cammile get’s bored and she decided to get a couple of her old shoes and filled them with messy sweets. She used Apple sauce, Jello, strawberry's, and bananas. She also combined them with whole eggs. She decided to crush them, all the while making a big mess, while wearing her new sexy Betsy Johnson strappy heels.

Cammile notices that her plants need some watering attention. So water them she does, but she also thought her suede black Gianmarco Lorenzi heels needed some watering attention too.

Enjoy this sexy set.

There was a piece of equipment stuck on the hills in the back of Cammile’s house, She goes out there, hoping to move it wearing her sexy red thigh high boots, after attempting many times to move it she gave up, her boots paid the price at the end.

Brand new Miu Miu heels get soaked in a thick sweet treat mess. A special long time fan of mine had bought me these very expensive heels and asked me by request to abuse them slowly. So I thought why not make a mess of them first :)

And here I'd take my new Miu's to the next level.  First I had them totally soaked in chocolate, now I'm just going to get them totally soaked.  I think it's about time to clean the car again.  It is so amazing how dare he gets out here in the middle of nowhere.

That's silly Gardner, are really need to use this wheelbarrow and I can't believe you left it up here on the hill.  To make matters worse and I'm still dressed in my office outfit wearing my wonderful Miu Miu's.  I know it'll make things worse, but I've got to get this wheelbarrow of out of here even at the price of my pretty purple shoes.