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High Heel Abuse

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Lea takes a nice walk at the beach, wearing her office sexy outfit and a sexy black heels. It was a beautiful warm day, so she decided to get her nice heels wet. Look like she is really having fun on this set.

Cammile explores the new dock recently installed at the lake. She also takes time to roam the rocky shores and enjoy the sites. It does not matter to her that her new BCBG heels will get muddy and scratched.

Cammile walks outside to find her gardener started yard work. Dress in a sexy outfit and wearing Charles David heels, she decides to take a stroll to get her sexy gold heels muddy just for fun.

Lea came by for a visit, all dress up in sexy blue dress and sexy high heels. She was checking out Maxx’s truck and when she did, I grab my camera and started taking shots of her, even directed her to pose her high heels on the pedals.

Maxx and I are heading to the mall on an early Tuesday morning. It had rained for quite sometime so when we pulled in to the parking lot, we spotted a puddle. I was wearing my brand new and very comfortable Nine West pumps. So I took them for a walk on the wet asphalt, headed toward a puddle, and soaked them in the water for my first wear.

Cammile and Lea pass by a construction site and made a bet who can dig faster with their sexy high heels. Cammile wearing her sexy strappy Gucci and Lea wearing her gorgeous satin fabric Speigel pump.

Let the bet begin :)

Jamari was sent to clean up one of the bosses garage and set up for a Christmas Photo shoot. As she cleans away, she had this thought, why is it always her that have to clean up messes when there is one needed. She gets frustrated and upset the more she thinks about it. She looks at the gift and thought of something naughty……story continue at members area…

Cammile Decides to take her Stuart Wiesman’s for a small stroll in the rain. She wanted to survey where Jamari had got her car stuck earlier.

Cammile takes her sexy brand new Sam Edelman high heels for a little walk outside in the front yard. She also got them a little wet and muddy..   

Say hello to Susan! Susan comes to us from The Bay area and has shown an interest in our hobby. Here Susan tries her hand at a little shoe destruction, wearing a pair of blue leather Style and Co. High heels.  She is taken to our local frog pond and asked to get her heels a little muddy. She does a great job for her first try at this, but says it feels quite different having water running into her heels on purpose.

Wandering Cammile..

Here Cammile goes for a stroll when she finds some chocolate balls lying on the road, ….well if opportunity knocks…step back :)

Nakita goes for a stroll next to a swamp in her beautiful four-inch Casadei heels. Did we mention that they were severely strained because these shoes are cloth. :)

Do you remember these heels?

Jakie wore these in several sticky shoots. We decided to retire him from service by having Susan takes them to the railroad as our ultimate retirement place for her high heeled shoes. Suzanne did a wonderful job thrashing the shoes and bending the spike heels.

It has been a very dry winter, but luckily we ran into a little bit of rain. So what better time to put on a classic pair of Michael Antonio heels and do a little bit of trail walking. We found some wonderful silty mud and fantastic puddles to play in.

Nakita is so busy talking on her phone that she doesn't realize that there is a messy puddle of extremely sticky stuff, which has spilled on the floor just in front of her. In this set, she spends quite a long time trying to get her nine west, tweed business high heels unstuck so she can return back to work.

What better way for a girl to clean the back of her Ford truck? Well of course in some very used Guess high heel pumps. Here Cammile pushes quite a bit of sharp gravel out the back of the truck, all the while putting more dings and scratches on her set of already used heals.

WoW! I think I would bring MY car to the carwash IF they had attendants like this working on them, Here Cammile spends time getting her own car ready for the night out with friends wearing her silk dress and satin heels.

Speaking of car washes!

Cammile once more enjoys getting her feet and heels wet on a hot summer day. Cammile also uses this tactic when her shoes are a little tight. It softens and stretches the leather and makes it easier to wear the shoes in the evening.

I wonder how many people in the condos, like living next to the beach where Cammile shoots her sets?

Here she trashes a new pair of Carlos Santana.


Here Cammile is checking the construction being done on the yard. As she surveys the work she is getting her heels a bit muddy.