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High Heel Abuse

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Here I am having fun posing with my new Carlos Santana sandals, and my new unique tattooed pantyhose. I threw a chain into the shoot for an added feature. This shoot involved a bit of heel stretching and bending and showed my feet a bit more than normal. Looking back I believe either my dress was a little too sheer or Maxx turned up the flash on the camera.  :)

Here is Nikita Lane wearing her red Jessica Simpson red sling back heels on the beach. She is showing off her bare legs and having fun getting her heels walking on sand. That day we expected a little bit more destruction, but the heels stood up to the sharp sand very salty surf. The inner's gave out as the liner started to curl at the rear of the shoe.

Enjoy :)

Cammile was cleaning out her office storage and came across Jamari’s old white heel that Jamari had used and wear on her first job assignment. She noticed that the heels were chipped and scratched, she thought if she cleans it out by brushing and washing off the dirt that is left behind, then Jamari can still use it. As Cammile washes them, she thought it might not work after all. The shoes had been to badly torn and ripped from the sharp rocks surrounding the railroad ties. Cammile decided to have fun with Jamari’s heel by stomping and twisting the soft leather with her sexy Guess heels.

In this set Cammile comes home from a hard days work wearing her worn strappy office heels. Cammile opens her car door and didn’t realize that she was about to step into a pile of sticky stuff that is on the ground next to her car. After stepping from her vehicle she has realized that her left leg has become totally stuck. She tries for minutes to free her self, but the goo is too tacky. Soon Cammile is getting desperate and tries pushing off with the other heel and from there her day becomes a total mess.

This shoot started off as just a day where Nikita and I were just to meet up for some lunch. What we wound up doing was grabbing the camera and and having fun. Here is Nikita Lane posing in 2 different location and 2 different sets of high heels. Nikita Lane shows off the natural side of her in two different poses. Hope you enjoy...

A while ago a long time fan had sent me brand new gorgeous heels. I took them to the beach the second time I wore them, hoping to stretch them out since they were a bit tight. After all that walk through the sand and water, the shoes are still in a great condition but had developed some splits in the leather at the front of the shoe opening.

Enjoy! :) ;)

 I was heading out to meet friends house dressed in black leggings, leather jacket , and my sexy black Aldo boots. But before I left, I decided to do a quick stroll out in the backyard to find a pair of earrings that I had dropped the other day. In this set you will see how my boots got a bit muddy and wet. They suffered a few more scratches the heel and washed off nicely. I hope you enjoy this set   :) :)

In this set, I was assisting Maxx getting his car fixed. I was wearing my BCBG mule heels and matching color mini skirt. I had fun helping him out, but as I did I noticed that a small drop of oil had gotten on to my shoe. Even after wiping it off right away, later I noticed a stain on the front of the shoe. Time either to get it fixed or to throw them out.  

In this set, Cammile shows off her brand new red hot red heels by Michael Antonio . She decides to cool them off by washing her SUV. Moving in and out of the car she snagged her nylons on the seat corner. From there she wants to make the hole larger. Just to have fun she pulls and tears at her wet nylons until nothing is left.   

There is a new location that I had spotted over the weekend close to the restaurant that I had dinner with friends. The next day I came back wearing my white Nine West pumps with cork heels and white top with short blue mini skirt. The water was shallow, I got my heels wet and played in the water splashing it with my white heels. There were some sharp rocks as well. When I was done , my heels were scuffed from walking on the the sharp rocks. It was a great day for me but a bad day for my white heels.

In this set, I decided to take my sexy tan Jimmy Choo heels for a nice walk and get them a bit of muddy. These were shoes that Had owned for a long time. Somewhere, someway I had stepped in some that caused a large stain on the left shoe and instead of repairing them I decided to open them up for a little abuse.  Enjoy this high resolution and lots of close up shots of my sexy Jimmy Choo heels   :)

In February 2011, Lea and I did a video “Loubs vs Loubs”. We use creamy chocolate batter for a messy theme. When we finished the shoot, we never cleaned her heels,we just put them back in the box. Can you imagine how they smelled?  Anyway, here I am and I thought it might be time for them to get cleaned. In this set I am wearing my sexy red Stuart Weitzmen’s.

I have this new pair of Charles Jordan elegant and classy sling back patent heels. I wore them to lunch one day and then called Maxx to join me for a shoot. I wanted to see if I could wear a pair of expensive heels on the rocks without damaging them. See what happens, Enjoy!!!

After Jamari had a long day at the office, she asked me stop by at the beach. She asked me to shoot her as she had a pair of heels that had been hurting her feet.  It was a nice warm day, she was still in her office clothes and I was a bit surprised when she jumped into the water and  totally ruined her high heels.

I took my new sexy white heels for a little pedal pumping drive. The heels are very comfortable.

Hope you like the pictures

My day off at the office, relaxing on my desk and wearing 5 different pairs of heels for you.

My car is parked near the dirt and my wheel needed to get wash, so guess what? My satin black sexy heels got wet and muddy.

Saturday, and the photo shoot is going well for Jamari. Then then along comes Cammile and things get tense between the two. Soon a fight breaks out and its up to you to see who wins.

Cammile picks up the logs that are loose on the ground, then she piles them up neatly wearing her kitten BCBG leather heels. At the end she notices that her shoes had some scratches from  stepping on the sharp logs.

After her gardener quit halfway through the job, Cammile sees that she can roll up the old lawn all by herself. Just as she is ready to do so, the automatic sprinkler system comes on and makes a wet mess of her brand new Aldo’s.