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SiteSet 121

Sunday Splash 01/05/2015

Sunday morning, I was just getting up when I got a call from a friend. It was Leah! Welcome back, I said. So for a while we chatted and then she asked if I would like to grab the camera and head down to the beach. She said she had an old pair of suede high heels and was thinking about me. She was planning on throwing them out but before she did she might as well get some pictures.

SiteSet 122

Sunset Scrub 01/12/2015

As I just got home my wonderful little doggie ran up to me and greeted me like he always did. But this time it seemed like he had found a new friend to play with! It seems that he had had a run in with a skunk. Well the only thing I could do was give him a wash as fast as I can, the sun was going down fast and that meant I didn't have time to get out of my office attire and my wonderful Stuart Wiseman suede high heels. By the time I was done, both the dog and my high heels were totally soaked!
Once again I am taking a little time to do some yard work around the house. And this time it happens to be in a very cute beige sweater dress and some Vera Wang high heels. It starts out with just a simple sweep along the walkway, and then progresses out onto the Rocky edges of the stoned front yard. For me this is fine because these high heels happen to be my least favorite shoes in my closet, and I am glad to see you here with me I am taking as I send them to their doom.

SiteSet 123

Fork it.  01/19/2015

SiteSet 124

Muddy Kittens   02/03/2015

It is time to meet the girls for a night out on the town. before I go i noticed the work truck parked in the way of my vehicle. I get in and turn the key but nothing happened! It was dead and now it needed a jump to get running. So lets see.... how do you open the hood? Wait! somethings running in to my soft leather 9 West kitten heels! OMG it is the mud! I was not aware I was going to sink in it! "Ok just focus" I said to myself, see if the jumper cables are under the hood... keep looking.... but in the mean time I feel the mud starting to soak my nylons and feet. My heels are getting ruined and I am now cold... Well maybe next time with the girls, I am going back inside.

SiteSet 125

New Toy  02/17/15

Here I get a chance to wash my new little toy. It is a cute little five-speed 1991 Mazda Miata. It's a great little car that's a lot of fun, but not as much fun as getting my sexy Colin Stuart high heels extremely soaked and sudsy from the wash. Enjoy this sexy set in the great little video short that comes along with it.

SiteSet 126

Final  Damage   02/24/2015

Here was a great pair of donated shoes. They appeared in a couple of great SiteSets. But as I am starting to clean out my closet a little bit, I am finding shoes that have been worn or coming apart have now been slated for the scrapyard. Here is the first set of many to come. These sexy little Bakers meet their final doom along my favorite railroad tracks.

SiteSet 127

Bucket of Fun   03/02/2015

Here are another pair of my favorite Louboutin shoes. The thing is after wearing them for a while they start to stretch out a bit. I have the perfect solution for that, dip them in some nice hot water and wear them for a while afterwards. That seems to get them shrinking pretty good in the areas of which you need it, while staying stretched and soft where you don't. This really works! Tell your girlfriends about it. :-)