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High Heel Abuse

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I have always thought that high heels look very sexy, but sometimes you just one of the cute.  So here's a picture set of me being cute in my Marc Fisher red patent leather kitten heel sling backs.  So as I am walking around our little foutain looked very inviting.  I thought that that cool water would feel real good running over my warm feet.

Yes you are correct, it still is very hot outside.  And there's still a lot to do in the yard.  With the wind kicking up and blowing dust all over the place I have to keep things rinsed off to keep them clean.  Now I'm a girl that when I do cleaning alike to do it in style.  That is why I am wearing my super summer spandex dress and 9 West matching high heels.  Now don't you wish you had a neighbor like this.  :-)

Here is Miss J.  She came over to do a wonderful SiteSet with us wearing a black leather wrap dress, and also sporting a wonderful pair of fabric and gold heeled-high heels.  There's something about the sun gleaming off of shiny black leather that gets me excited.  About you?   :-)

To leave it to me, but I'm pretty sure I have one of the laziest gardener's in the county.  Unfortunately he is too nice and two reliable to let go.  Plus I am pretty sure you don't mind me doing the cleaning?  Especially in a pair of Christian Louboutin mid high heeled pumps.  Now I have to say that is about the 4th time that I've got the shoes either soaked for messy and they have held up very well.

Sand and sandals?  Oops, you better make that mud and sandals.  That is what happens when you're washing your SUV in a hot pair of guess sandals.  Enjoy another sunny set while I keep things clean around the house.

If you want your body to be admired, sexy or special it takes diet and exercise.  But for me the exercise suit also must be special, as noted here by wearing some extremely hot Jimmy Choo high heels.  Now while sweating up a storm I get two stretch out by a favorite heels so they will fit even better.  I think you'll especially like the rowing scenes here.  :-)

It is time to survey the property again.  So right after work I decide to give things they walk around.  You know my checking for water leaks or sinkholes.  I love taking a walk and stretching right after driving home, since it is such a long drive.  So I walked the property in a beautiful coral dress with one of my favorite white heels which are made by BCBG.  Enjoy some light dusty abuse and watch as real woman can climb a high hill in high heels.    :-)

Now this set turned out to be a little bit of a mistake.  We were only supposed to do a small bit of abuse to these wonderful brown and gold high heels.  But after a small trip, that ended the light abuse part.  A little angry with myself that I did that, I preceded with vengeance as I totally tore these shoes apart.

Now this SiteSet gives a whole new meaning to "I saw a pair of my high heels in the garage" because literally that is what I did.  These high heels are a pair which never really got lightly abused.  Mainly for the reason that I never really had anything to wear with them.  This made them kind of useless and I don't like having useless things around the house.  So I saw a pair of high heels in my garage.  :-)

I love doing sets like this one, spontaneous and fun.  As I was out just driving around, not planning on doing any of this, I happened to spot the cool new place to do some photo work.  So this just started out as a test, but wound up so well we thought we might use it as a SiteSet.

When things get dusty in the backyard, the only thing you can do would be to rinse down the patio.  Now lucky for most people I don't bother changing when I get home, if I have work to do, I simply do it and in whatever I am wearing.  Plus my heels needed to be stretched anyway.

Dismantling proxies.

What do you do with an old pair of shoes and a new pair of vise grips? I figured I might as well have some fun before I went ahead and tossed of these old shoes out. The taps had broken on them and they were no longer useful to me. Enjoy this great set as I shred these shoes to pieces.

Muddy Manolo's

Did you ever have one of those days? I just went into the backyard and started to do a small bit of gardening. I had turned on the water and went to grab the water hose when it got snagged in the tree. My poor Manolo's the worst end of this struggle as they got extremely muddy.

Cooling off my heels.

Today was a great day to walk along the shoreline. As I came to a small peer I couldn't help but resist to cool off my hot tired feet. What I didn't know is that my brown Nine West high heels would suffer a lot of damage being in the water and mud. Oh well time to visit the shoe repair guy again.

All the way wet.

In this set I start off by cleaning the shower but get much more interested in what the water is doing. It was such a cold day that I decided to take a little bit of that warmness and shower myself with all of my close on instead.

Heels on pumpkin.

Here is an interesting set I decided to do. Seeing how Halloween is approaching soon, I decided to play a little bit of a slasher myself with this poor unsuspecting pumpkin. It helps to have a great pair of patent leather black stiletto heels to perform your grizzly task. :-)

Watered gold.

As you can tell I always liked spending a lot of time keeping my car clean. And since I can't afford that super classy car, I might as well be dressed for the part instead. Here we have gold on gold getting extremely soaked from my neck on down.

Stalled stilettos.

Trying to keep my little car charged up I take it for a ride every once in a while. Maybe I shouldn't trust it while I'm wearing a nice business stress and beautiful black high heels. Once again my little buddy lets me down, and I have to spend quite a while trying to get it going again.

Zara heel adventures.

Well when your GPS isn't working and you want to find out where you are, you might not want to step out onto your extremely muddy road. But where is the fun in that? I walked for a little while and looked south, then walked a little while and looked north, and I still didn't know where I was.

Zara heel adventures part one.

I decided to take the road that led to the West. How fantastic, this led me straight to the beach, Which would give me a wonderful opportunity to rinse off my extremely muddy Zara high heels.

Zara heel adventures part two.

Well when your GPS isn't working and you want to find out where you are, you might not want to step out onto your extremely muddy road. But where is the fun in that? I walked for a little while and looked south, then walked a little while and looked north, and I still didn't know where I was.