High Heel Abuse

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Cammile takes her new 9West boots out and breaks them in. First she takes them for a walk in the woods where she gets them soiled and slightly scratched walking thru the sharp sticks wet logs. Next she walks over to the lawn, turns on the sprinklers, and  plays in the water. She gets into the water so deep as to let it run down her legs and into her boots.

Enjoy this, the first of the site sets from Cammile.

When we search for models, it normally takes a bit to locate a talented one. But when the model finds you, that is even more of a surprise! We would like to introduce Lea!  Our models are  normally required to show up to a few video shoots before we set them to work. Believe it or not, this was Lea’s pre-shoot. Maxx  was very delighted to see that she took to the camera so fast. For the test shoot we decided to use the sunny beach of California. Lea showed up promptly right after work and we had planned to do the shoot on the boarded path next to the beach. To our surprise Lea asked if we could do it  on the beach instead. As you will see in this shoot, we are again blessed with another funny, beautifully talented, and very classy model.

Lea drives  home from work. After she gets there she notices that her yard needs attention. Feeling too sexy to change , Lea decided to do her gardening work in her office clothes.She starts in the front yard simply watering her plants. As she moves down into the garden to pull some weeds, she forgets that the water still running. She doesn’t notice right away that her high heels are starting to sink into the mud. But it soon becomes evident as the silty water starts to pour into her shoes.

Enjoy this 128 sexy photos of Lea in action shot by Yours truly Camille.

Lea goes out for her regular lunch break walk. But she has forgotten it has been raining for the last three days. That little problem is not going to stop Lea from getting her exercise, after all she wants to keep those legs in shape even if it does ruin those nice Italian heels. Most of the trails are covered with water and some are not  but Lea keeps on going thru them. Climbing over trees and logs takes skill in three inch business heels but that is what Lea has. And as she gains more experience at trashing heels, the more our model seems to like it.

Lea gets sent home from work because her boss thought that her car was too dirty. Lea is so angry that she doesn't even decide to get out of her sexy red dress, and beautiful new red suede heels before washing her car. She washes and scrubs her car until is is sparkly clean. But by the time she is done she has made a mess of her clothes and heels.

Great Job Lea

Because the weather has been kind of cold and windy here, and with Cammile and Lea getting ready for their Christmas celebrations with their families I am selecting a site update that was shot a little earlier. If used noticed something new on the page you are correct. This is the new flash player that we have for the photos. It took me a little longer to integrate into the website than I anticipated. First, most of the buttons at the bottom are standard with the exception of the arrows which take you to the next set of thumbnails and my most favorite feature the full screen window button. Try it you'll love it!

If it's okay to say it I'd like to say Merry Christmas from the Wet and Messy Me team.      Maxx Shuttermen

Hello again from stormy California. After a couple of weeks of heavy weather we were finally able to sneak in another shoot just before sunset as the weather cleared for a few hours. I took my new Aldo boots that Maxx got me for Christmas and broke them in. I felt bad for him because I promised him that I wouldn't ruin them but, I saw him cringe each time I stepped into the mud.    lol

Just bought some very nice Giuseppe Zanotti sling backs, on Monday we were only going to the beach to check the weather for a shoot when Maxx asked me to pose next to the ocean for a small test shoot. I was being very careful not to scratch these sweethearts up because I love them very much. But what these pictures did not show was when I was next to the water a large wave came in and doused my new heels. After that I noticed that the black on the soles was scraped off and the taps on the heels got chewed up. I had to be extra careful because the heels on these alligator shoes are made of aluminum and there would have been no way to repair them. So with all that had happened to them so far I decided to get pictures of them getting a work out.

I saw these platforms in the store. I absolutely had to have them. As with many of my new shoes, I like to break them in a little bit. So here is the way I like to do it. I grab a bucket and some soap, put on a sexy dress to match my heels, and do a car wash in the warm sun. Hope you enjoy the set. Also remember to leave some comments on our brand new forum.

Thanks, Cammile

After the party my house needed some cleaning up. So as I was taking out the trash, my Stuart Weisman's get stuck in some weird white goo sitting outside of the garbage shed. Enjoy this set as I try to free myself. There are a lot of wonderful close-ups, and some good shoe stretching scenes.

Cammile is working all alone Saturday morning in the office. She is wearing one of her favorite sling back heels . She notices that her shoes is too loose on her and it keeps falling and sliding off her foot. She couldn't take it anymore so she decided to throw them outside her window. She worked bare feet for awhile but after stubbing her foot on a chair, she quickly went to her friend's office to borrow her coworker’s new shoes that were under her desk. She found out its too tight on her.

Thanks to David B. For a wonderful story

Cammile shows her teeth in this sexy video. She is the boss of John’s brother Dave. Cammile appears to be very angry at John and decides to use Dave to get revenge. Cammile has taken John’s fiance’s shoes and plans to do something very naughty to them. Blackmailing believe she tells him to cut up her brand new sling back's which cost John over 500 dollars. Cammile is even evil enough to record it using a small handheld camera. Enjoy this very expensive extremely sexy set.

Here is a carwash from a different point of view. Even though I’m a pumps kind a girl I couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase these beautiful BCBG sandals. I maybe the one who wash the car but things got interesting when Maxx picked up the hose to rinse it off. Bad Maxx :) :) . Hope you enjoy this set. Looking for some feedback.

Here are sexy photos of our new model Nikita Lane. I had her wear my sexy pumps. The first set is with my black Collin Stuart heels. Second is my patent Pepe Jimenez. Third is my Nine West black round toe pump and Fourth is my white Chinese Laundry heels. I think she did a great job posing and give a little abuse on my heels. I hope you like this sexy set of Nikita Lane :) :).

I was in the middle of doing a photo shoot when I look straight ahead up in the hill and notices that there were a couple of pumps scattered around. I started my way up there to pick up the pumps and I had forgotten that I was wearing my brand new Steve Madden gold heels. When I saw the pumps, they were dirty  and thought of cleaning them out but first I decided to have a little fun with them. So I did some stomping and kicking, before getting them off the dirt. I hope you enjoy this set :) :).

After Cammile had her fun stomping and kicking the pumps that she had found, she decided to give them a good cleaning by pouring car wash soap and then rinsing them off hard. She even decided to switch the shoes she was wearing just to give them extra abuse.

Enjoy this sexy second set of abuse and wet heels.

Nikita is on her lunch break , after eating she decided to act a little goofy and take a stroll at the beach with her brand new sexy kid skin pumps. First she thought she might just walk thru the sand, but instead she decided to go all of the way and get her heels totally wet. Enjoy Nikita’s fun strolling on the sand and getting her new heels wet and sandy.

Enjoy this set with Nikita Lane. She shows us her own sexy way to wash a car while showing off her brand new high heels, new taupe pantyhose and her new sexy sweater mini dress. She has great fun while getting them all wet.

Cheers for Nikita!!!!

Hi everyone, in this set I was craving for sweet pudding and chocolate fudge covered with cream. But I don’t really allowed to eat them, so I thought, why torcher me when I can have  fun and make a mess on my brand new guess pumps? See me pour my sweets inside my pumps and slip my feet inside, then lick and delicious creamy pudding  from my fingers :) :

Here is the shoot that I (Cammile Sweet) did. Lea and I were bored and decided to take a pair of suede pumps over to the frog pond. There she took her time having fun really messing up those heels. Enjoy this set with Lea in front, and me behind the camera :) :).

Cammile won a  sexy pair of heels in a pool game. This is her reward, a beautiful black pair of Charles Jordan four and a half inch heel pump. So in this set she wanted to show it off how nice it is. What do you guys think?