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High Heel Abuse

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SiteSet 279:Kicking It Gianmarco                03/17/2019

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Vidiset 215

Hello and welcome to my high heel abuse website. I have been abusing my sexy high heels since the year of 2005. Such as wet, muddy, messy, sticky, muddy car stuck, destruction, burning, heel stuck , pedal pumping and more. Please venture my site and view samples. If you like this kind of high heel fetish then you will enjoy  thousands of my high quality photos. Also recently we’ve added videos for you to enjoy. Photos are resize to 1280x1024. Videos are resize to 800x640.  

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Hello and welcome to another wonderful Vidiset starring Jamarii Rivera. In this set Jamari takes her wonderful pair of Jimmy Choo Anook high heels on a daunting task to take an extremely heavy wagon through a wet dirt road. We first start off with Jamari's heels in very good condition as she is pulling the wagon in relatively dry landscape. But that soon turns as she looks ahead to find the road well traveled by vehicles and extremely muddy. Nevertheless Jamari has a task to complete so our brave heroine presses on. During about the first 15 feet or so she is doing good but her shoes are really starting to get messed up. But tragedy strikes as the rear wheel of the wagon get stuck in the mud. She keeps pulling the handle all the while her shoes are starting to sink deeper into the silt. She tries pulling every which way she can and eventually slips back into the water and her beautiful Jimmy Choo's get soaked inside and out. Her once beautiful nylon feet now covered in mud keep on slipping out of her shoes and before she knows it one of her heels become stuck in a root under the mud. She crouches down next to the puddle and takes off her right shoe to dig out her left shoe. After several minutes she finally pulls her shoe back from the mud. Jamari is now extremely exhausted and tries to pull on the wagon one more time, but to no avail it stays where it's at. Knowing that her nylons and Jimmy Choo's are totally wasted she stomps off.

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Vidiset  247

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Pumping Pumps

Vidiset 227

Discussion of Driving

Vidiset  238

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New Cammiles Closet Video

New  heels, Christian Louboutin Natural Python PeepToe 150.

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Cammile 1

These abused Gianmarco Lorenzi needed some more beating before letting them go completely on the next set. So I tried to stomp on these leather heels with my sexy white pvc Christian Louboutin heels, hoping I can make a hole in them. But the leather on these just wont budge.The only thing it did was make marks on it. The white pvc CL did get a little damage, there were marks and scratch on te sides and heels. Enjoy the set :)

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Dragging The Wagon

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WetLook: Leather and Leather

Shoeplay: Leopard slingback Dangle

Ripping: Strip and Leather

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Vidiset 245

Jamari Scrub The Trailer Choo’s  02/10/2019

In this set jamari returns to the screen, as she is working as a administrative assistant, she is told by her boss to clean the junk trailer in the back lot. And she is wearing a Herve Ledger dress, BCBG Max jacket and brand-new Jimmy Choo Anouk high heels. She starts out trying to be very careful not to mess up her new shoes, but with all the water and soap they eventually start to get wet and muddy. The video contains a lot of very close up footage on the shoes as well as her nyloned feet.

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SiteSet 276

Red Jimmy Mess 02/17/2019

Making a cake can be quite a mess. I am preparing to bake a cake for tonight's dessert but I think the bowl has a hole. The thick batter leaked on to my shoes. After it made a big mess, I decided to have fun with it. Enjoy the set.

Photos and Video


Folding Chair Stuck Aldos 02/24/2019

This Vidiset focuses on Cammile Sweet who while cleaning cannot find her stepladder. She does have a folding chair readily available and uses a gel pad so she won’t slip from it. Unfortunately the gel pad was sitting a little too close to that wood-burning stove across the way and may have melted a bit. Cammile is dressed in a wonderfully tailored leather skirt and a beautiful satin leopard blouse. To top it all off she is wearing her brand-new leopard print Aldo ankle strap high heels and slightly off colored pair of pantyhose. While dusting Cammile grabs the chair and steps up to dust the top of the picture. You see her beautiful shoes sink into the gel pad and before you know it she is stuck. She tries for the next several minutes to get herself free so she can get down to clean up this mess. Tugging and pulling on the all those you see the shoes stretch and bend as the sticky pad pulls back down on them. At one point it pulls her shoe off of her foot and next you see her nylons and bare feet getting stuck as well.

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Random Clip #11

Pink Damage 02/24/2019

Here is an out and about clip of me wearing heels while running for grocery, shopping, going to a movie and just being out. Breaking in the new Louboutin heels and Jimmy Choo. Wearing my Gianmarco Lorenzi during the rain. Enjoy the set.

 Video only

SiteSet 277

Choo Boots in Mud      03/03/2019

Remember these pair of Jimmy Choo boots? I got them muddy before, and I got them muddy for the second time before doing a total destruction next.

Video and Photo

SiteSet 278

Fancy Heel Wash           03/10/2019

Here is a wet and soapy carwash with my colorful INC platform heels. I've never really wore these pretty heels anywhere except when I did a photoshoot around the house.They are pretty new, and it's a satin material with some nice detailed flower stitches.So I decided to use wear it, knowing that thy will get wet and soapy while doinjg a carwash.Enjoy the set :)

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